A.Team is where the next generation of builders team up to build the next generation of companies.

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Allow us to introduce ourselves…

A.Team is a team formation platform that enables tech leaders to assemble high-caliber teams to build transformative products. Powered by an exclusive network of over 7,500 world-class engineers, product managers, designers, and marketers, A.Team is forging a new vision for the future of work. That vision is backed by $60M in funding from an incredible team: investors like Insight Partners, Tiger, and Spruce House; future-of-work pioneers like Adam Grant, Dan Ariely and Joseph Fuller; cultural leaders like Jay-Z’s RocNation, and founders and executives from CAA, Apollo, Upwork, Fiverr, and SpaceX.

Over 400 companies—from trailblazing startups like Ledger and Apprentice to enterprise innovators like Lyft and Lifepoint Health—have gained a key competitive edge with A.Team.

We created A.Team for builders. People who love building transformative products and companies - who believe they can push the world, shape it, change it for the better. We’re creating a place where builders get to build things that matter to them with teammates they love. If you love to build - and want to work alongside a winning team of fellow builders - then A.Team might be the place for you.


It's a new world…

In the last decade, online work has skyrocketed by 400%, but has largely been limited to basic tasks like transportation and food delivery. However, this represents only 15% of the $1.5 trillion US freelance market. A.Team taps into the remaining 85% by connecting companies with highly skilled talent to tackle meaningful projects.

A.Team is poised to reshape the gig economy by introducing the concept of cloud-based teams. By uniting independent workers, we enable them to embark on more ambitious and rewarding ventures centered around vision and comprehensive solutions, rather than simply completing isolated tasks.

With team-based work, clients benefit from the expertise of the world's most talented individuals who are genuinely invested in the shared vision, providing an unparalleled level of commitment and dedication.

Builders find fulfillment in working on problems they genuinely care about, collaborating with like-minded individuals they enjoy partnering with. A.Team is leading the charge towards a new standard where teamwork elevates the gig economy, fostering passion, purpose, and collective success.